The school has adopted a syllabus based around the needs of individual students. We prioritise stage over age in learning. Teachers are trained how to plan lessons for all students individually. We use various methods and cross curricular techniques to ensure that pupils understand the learning objective. Pupils are given targets which are both achievable and challenging.
The complete syllabus takes 4-5 years to complete depending on the individuals ability & attendance. Entry age is from age 4+. Our plan is to cover a wide range of topics. We have four groups including beginners, intermediate, pre advance  & advance learners.

Quran Class

Recitation of Holy Quran with proper Tajweed rules. In AJA we only follow Sheikh Mishary bin Rashid Alafasy recitation to keep same standard of pronunciation and style throughout the school and therefore please use his Talawat for teaching children for any Hifz lesson. We use A Child's Gift by Khalid Ibrahim for all classes surah, supplication and hadith syllabus.

Arabic Class

 Al Jannah Academy publishes its own Arabic books for each level. They are currently available for purchase direct from the Academy but we are starting to make them available online. Please search for Al Jannah Academy at Al Jannah Academy reserves the copywrite of all our books & doesn't permit any one to use it for business purposes.

Online Quran Class (optional extra)

 One to one, 28 min online sessions available for children to read Quran or practice hifdh for an additional cost. This is in addition to the face to face class. Please see the Academy Fees page for costs.