Our approach towards faith encourages young learners to love the Creator & look for common positive values in all religions. At our academy we will endeavour to ensure that children learn by understanding; with modern techniques which enable them to remain focused during lesson. We provide an Islamic, safe, child-centred and structured learning environment for every child which helps them to become a good human being and a productive citizen.


All students MUST arrive on time at 10:55. Students to be picked up at 14:00. There are two pick up points. Levels 0 to 2 from Main Reception. Levels 3 and above from the car park. Please ensure you are on time to collect your child as late pickups may incur penalty fees. Children over 12 years may come and go themselves with parent’s permission and responsibility.


Any act of misconduct or disrespect by a student may be cause for a warning or suspension from school. Three warnings can result in the suspension of the student for the rest of the year.

Dress Code 

We encourage students to respect themselves and adhere to Islamic rules for dress. Boys should ensure their legs are covered at least up to their knee and girls are encouraged to wear a head cover or Hijab. All students should wear loose fitting modest clothing. Clothes with inappropriate images are not allowed.


  1. Please ensure that the homework should be completed to a high standard.

  2. All children must bring all their exercise books, Quran or particular Juzz  and their pencil case each week. Please ensure the pencils are sharpened and ready to use.

  3. Before every half term holiday children will be assessed by a term assessment. The assessment will cover what has been taught during term.

Notice Period

The Academy has the right to refuse and withdraw students at their own discretion. Parents can withdraw students at any stage with one month’s notice.

Data Protection

By registering for the Academy, you agree: that we may hold the details provided by you for the purpose of providing educational sessions; that we may contact you using the details provided in the future communicating information about Al Jannah Academy; that we may take photos/videos of students during activities or events for the purpose of our own records and promotions. We agree to remove your individually identifiable details on your request and not to sell or forward your contact details to third parties not involved in facilitating Al Jannah Academy sessions.

Academy Policies

The Academy’s policies on health & safety, safeguarding, bullying, complaints, and student behaviour are available on request.

School's time plan

The Academy starts at 11:00am and finishes at 2:00pm.
Please note timings have changed for salaat.


10:55 ----- Registration

11:00 ----- Islamic Studies

11:50 ----- Quran Class

12:50 ----- Lunch Break

13:10 ----- Duhur Salaat

13:20 ----- Arabic/Hifdh Class